Games and Challenges

Active Challenges for PE Fun – Primary School Age 
A-Z Workout
Create Your Own Treasure Hunt
Juggling Bonanza
Large Ball Skills 2
Rainbow Race
Small Ball Skills
Wall Sit Challenge
Balancing Act
Giant Pavement/Patio Games
Jump the River
Make Your Own Obstacle Course
Ready Steady Bounce
The ABC of Your Home and Garden
Bat n Ball Spectacular
Granny’s Wall Challenge
Keepy Uppy
Nature’s Faces
Roll the Dice Workout
Virtual Scavenger Hunt
Boogie Wonderland
Invent a New Game
Large Ball Skills 1
Ninja Skipping Challenge
Shoulder Tap-tastic
Walk the Plank
Active Challenges for PE Fun – Secondary School Age
10-day Mile-a-Day Challenge
Cereal Box Challenge
Heads or Tails
Juggling Bonanza
Plank Workout
Speed Bounce Spectacular
Wheelie Bin Challenge
A-Z Workout
Design Your Own Aerobic Workout
Home Crossbar Challenge
Lift Off Challenge
Roll the Dice Workout
Toilet Roll Keepy Uppy Challenge
Baked Bean Tin Workout
Figure of 8 Workout 1
Home Legs Workout
Lockdown Ramble
Shoulder Tap Challenge
Toilet Roll Tower
Balancing Act
Figure of 8 Workout 2
Invent a Socially Distanced Game
Orienteering Course Challenge
Six Pack Workout
Wall Sit Challenge
Here are some fun games:
5 Pass Win
Ahoy Matey
Back in the Box
Barney’s Ball Game
Body Ball Relay
Bounce Ball
Bucket and Ball
Bucket Sling
Crawl and Wiggle
Cross the Line
Domes and Dishes
Dragon’s Treasure
Family Fishing Game
Golden Snitch
Hand Hockey
Hole in One
Jigsaw Races
King Kong v Bob the Builder
Left or Right
Messy Bedroom
Name Game
Noughts and Crosses
Race Against Time
Sprint the Compass
Traffic Lights
Zig Zag Treasure Relay
Here are some active challenges:
Canon Ball Scrunch
Chest Passes
Cricket Skills
Feet Keepy-Uppy
Fish and Chips
Dan’s Football Skills
High Knees
Hockey Skills
Knees Keepy-Uppy
Lesley’s Step Challenge
Mat Challenge
Netball Skills
Press-Up Claps
Rugby Skills
Single Leg Balance
Speed Bounce
Stand Up, Sit Down
Standing Long Jump
Star Jumps
Table Tennis Skills
Tennis Skills
Under Arm Throw