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About active leaders

Who delivers Active Leader AND JUNIOR ACTIVE LEADER courses?


Only Accredited Active Leader and Junior Active Leader trainers can deliver our programmes. 

We provide all student materials, on-line registration, course delivery support and certification. 

Courses can be run during term time, in holidays, at weekends, as part of the curriculum, or as enrichment.

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Thinking of hosting?

Hosting an Active Leader or Junior Active Leader course is easy. The following is required:

1. A classroom or meeting room with tables and chairs for indoor sessions and a laptop hook up

2. An indoor space (ideally gym, school hall or sports hall) and access to outdoors for practical activities

3. Younger children to take part in sessions and mini events delivered by the trainee leaders (adaptations are arranged if restrictions are in place)

4. One co-ordinator for student registrations, timetabling and general liaison.

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Active Leaders at Heath Park School, Wolverhampton

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